A Technology Driven Louisiana Based Actionable Think Tank

The Idea Coterie promotes entrepreneurial endeavors to drive economic development and small business. The company’s founders, a group of technology professionals and entrepreneurs, formed the umbrella organization to engage startups and small businesses through investment, creation and inspiration.

We grow companies through strategy, technology, and design to enhance their ideas, endeavors, and opportunities. The Idea Coterie looks at the whole picture creatively, expands the scope of possibilities, maximizes efficiency, and discovers new ways to amplify their voice.

Chief Operations Officer

Eric is the get it done guy. All ideas need landing gear, but he makes sure they can take off again, load balance, barrel roll, and get great gas mileage with a head wind too.

Chief Visionary Officer

Matthew's mind never stops; it's always strategizing and brainstorming. By the time this site is up he'll have 26 ideas on how to make it better. That's just the way he works.

Chief Experience Officer

Jarod takes awesomeness very seriously; that usuaully starts with solid design and sound user experience. He lives for the creative process taking ideas to the next... (wait for it )... level.

Chief Product Officer

Cool Frank, as we call him, secretely prides himself as the guru of all things cool. Call it intuition or hardwork, he brings Hardy Boys-esque research and delivers like Joe Montana.